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5 Ways To Keep Heating Costs Down When You Are Replacing Your Windows

Replacing old windows with modern, energy efficient windows can save you money on your heating and cooling bills as well as make your home more comfortable throughout the year. However, the process of installing your new windows can leave your home exposed to the weather for a significant period of time, increasing your heating costs during the month of your installation. Although you will likely recoup this extra cost through the efficiency of your new windows, there are several ways that you can decrease the energy costs associated with installation. 

Plan Ahead To Replace During Ideal Weather

If you plan to replace all of your windows, then you should do so during a month when your home can be comfortable without running heating or cooling systems. Unfortunately, many people realize they need new windows during the fall or winter, when cool drafts come into their homes or condensation forms between the panes of glass. To prevent this, check your windows for signs of decay and damage during the summer and plan to conduct your installation in late summer or early fall, depending on your location. You should keep in mind that it can take several weeks after you place an order for your windows to be delivered, so you should measure and plan earlier than you expect to. 

Of course, emergencies happen, and if you need to replace your windows during the coldest months of the year, there are several things you can do to prevent a large heating bill. 

Isolate the Rooms Being Replaced 

If you are only replacing windows in one or two rooms, you should isolate those rooms from the rest of the house to prevent heat loss. This is ideal when you have a broken window and are not replacing all of the windows in your home. Simply turn off the heating in that room and close the door. If the door is drafty, you should put a rolled blanket at the base of the door to prevent heat from escaping from the rest of the house. Make sure that everyone in the house knows that room is off-limits during the window installation, and if you or your contractor has to access the window from inside your home, make sure you keep the door closed as much as possible. 

Replace While Residents of the Home Are Away

If you are replacing the windows in your entire home, it is a good idea to replace them while the majority of the residents are away from the home. You may have children sleep over at a friend's house or have your entire family go on a mini-vacation while the windows are being replaced. This allows you to shut off the heating in your home, keep your residents comfortable, and prevent people from getting in your or your contractor's way during installation. If your heating system is on a timer, you can schedule it to start after the windows are installed. Alternatively, you can ask your contractor to turn up your thermostat before they leave. 

You should keep in mind that you may have to sign a form after the windows are installed by a contractor, so one adult may have to stay in or near the home during the process. 

Prepare All Windows Before Beginning the Replacement Process 

Before replacing your windows, all window treatments such as shades, blinds, and curtains, will need to be removed. Furniture near the windows should also be moved to another area of the room to increase access and prevent damage to the furniture. By preparing all of the rooms before your installation begins, you can decrease the amount of time that the total installation takes. 

Hire Professionals to Replace Your Windows 

A contractor with years of experience will likely complete the job faster than you can. Instead of having your home leaking heat for several days of a DIY project, a contractor will likely be able to complete your home in a single day, depending on the number of windows you need replaced. 

Although you will probably recoup the cost of lost energy during installation within the first year of having your new windows, it is still a good idea to consider the ways that you can prevent energy loss and save money. For more information, visit websites like

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