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Think Outside the Box: 4 Types of Untypical Replacement Windows

If you are contemplating a home makeover or renovation, chances are you will want to replace some or all of your existing windows. If you're going for a new look that strays from the ordinary, you have several options to consider. Departing from the ordinary double hung or sliding window, there are more uncommon styles to consider, such as the picture window, stained glass window, garden window and transom window, to name a few.

How can you decide which type of window is right for you? A good starting point is to determine what your needs are and go from there. To help you make the right window buying decision and meet the challenge of choosing something that you won't see coming and going, here are 4 types of unusual designs for your new windows:

1. Large Picture Window

Are you looking to let natural light in while having a great view of the outside? If the room is on the second floor or surrounded by a tall trees, privacy might not be a concern. In such a case, you might prefer a large picture window which is basically stationary. This will allow you maximum light. It's ideal for a room that overlooks a lovely outdoor view. Additionally, they provide excellent insulation and are highly energy efficient.

A picture window will showcase the scenic view for everyone to enjoy, with minimum obstruction. Modern picture windows allow fresh air in the room also. This is typically achieved through a venting system that will allow the window to open from any side. The frame is often available in various wood finishes, including copper, bronze, silver, clay and white. Other colors such as block, wine red and green may also be chosen.

2. Stained Glass Window

This type of window is perfect for ceilings or above a doorway. Look at a stained glass window as typically being non-functional or stationary. Basically, this design is favored for the intricate and colorful glass patterns. They are often cold in panels and are relatively easy to install.

These handmade windows are also a good option for a small area that requires a little more privacy. Stained glass window panels are often seen in a wide variety of rainbow colors, some with geometric patterns or in the design of an animal such as a bird. Bevels surround the frame, and you can choose from various colors. As a bonus, you'll find they are energy efficient. 

3. Garden Window

If you do not have the space for an outdoor garden, a garden window might fit the bill. A garden window is ideal for a kitchen. It is constructed of a box like design which juts out from the structure of the home. Garden windows offer a bit of shelf space for placing potted plants and often command attention. While a garden window offers ventilation for plants, this design might not be appropriate for a very cold or rainy climate. It is important for a professional to measure your allotted space, as this design does require precise measurements.

4. Transom Window

Transom windows typically are installed on a beam above a door frame. Mostly used for decorative purposes and to enhance your home's architectural design, it can be opened to allow for ventilation and fresh air. A home with high ceilings will be most suited for a transom window.

While this design will let natural light inside the room, it is placed high enough to ensure privacy. If you have an unusual door frame and size, a transom window can be custom made. You can often order them with wood, aluminum or vinyl frames to complement your existing windows.

A final thought to bear in mind: Although you may prefer these uncommon window designs, it doesn't mean you have to compromise energy efficiency. Many custom made or unusual window designs are made to be highly energy efficient, so keep this in mind.  

To learn more about these and other options, contact companies like Statewide Energy Solutions.

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