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Want French Doors? 3 Security Features That Will Make Your Home Safe

You may be looking to have French doors installed in your home because they are quite elegant. With their large glass panes and timeless construction, they really stand out as a feature of a home rather than a necessity. Unfortunately, French doors raise a question to homeowners about security because of the large amount of glass the door contains. Here are some security features of French doors you should know about before you decide to have them installed.

Glass That Is Shatterproof

Using standard glass in a window will cause it to be sturdy and strong, with it able to withstand typical weather conditions such as heavy rain and high winds. It won't have the strength to resist the impact from a crowbar or very large rock, though. As you shop around for French doors, be on the lookout for models that can come installed with glass that is shatterproof, sometimes referred to as impact glass. It's designed to withstand the impact from debris thrown through the air during a hurricane, so it will definitely be able to resist a thief trying to break in.

Security Quality Window Film

There are window films out there that will cause the windows to be tinted, making it hard to look in. This isn't that type of window film. Security quality window film adds an additional layer of protection to the window from impact damage. While it's great at protecting your windows from flying debris, just like shatterproof glass, it also provides protection from break-ins happening in the same way.

You can actually have this film placed on the windows as they are being manufactured, which will make the installation seamless.

Several Locks

With a French door, it's possible to have multiple locks installed on the door for added security. In addition to the standard deadbolt that is placed in the middle of the door, you can have additional deadbolts installed at the top and bottom of the door. The locks don't necessarily need to have a key to be unlocked from the outside, but they'll help provide protection from the door being kicked in.

These are just a few ways that your French doors can have improved security to keep your home safe. For additional ideas, speak with your door installation contractor. They can let you know what security options are available for the specific model of French door you decide to go with.

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