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4 Renovation Tips That Will Help Make Your Older Home Greener

If you want to have a home that is greener and more energy efficient, there are many renovations and improvements that you may want to consider. With older homes, you may want to consider doing things like adding natural light, doing an energy audit, and improving the windows and doors to reduce energy loss. If you have an older home, here are a few energies saving renovation tips that will help make your more modern, green and energy-efficient:

1. Doing an Energy Audit to Find Out Where Your Home Losses Energy

An energy audit is a great way to find out where your home is losing the most energy. This is a service that you can have done, which will include the inspection of the mechanical systems in your home. You can also do your own energy audit to find air leaks and areas where you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, such as an attic that lacks insulation or improving the basement or crawl space of your home.

2. Doing Improvements to Open Space and Give Your Home Natural Lighting

Another way that you can make your home greener and more energy efficient is by adding more natural lighting. There are several ways to add natural light to your home, such as using larger windows and doors that give your more light. You may also want to consider improvements like opening living space by removing walls when you do remodeling projects. In addition, consider things like skylights, which help to bring more light into areas like living rooms.

3. Improvements to Old Windows and Doors to Reduce Energy Loss

Older windows and doors often have air leaks and lack insulation. Consider improvements like replacement windows and a replacement door frame that will help stop air leaks. There are also other affordable improvements to openings, such as adding window treatments or glass films that help to make the windows and doors in your home more efficient.

4. Energy Efficient Upgrades to Improve Mechanical Systems in Your Home

The mechanical systems in your home can also be improved to make your home more energy efficient. Consider doing affordable upgrades like replacing old inefficient lighting with LED bulbs that use a fraction of the energy of incandescent lighting. In addition, maintenance of the HVAC system and improvements like a programmable thermostat can also help reduce the energy consumption of your mechanical systems.

These are some renovation tips that will help make your home greener and energy-efficient. Contact a window and door service and talk with them about replacement frames to help make your home renovations more efficient. 

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