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Three Winter Window Treatments To Keep Your Home Cozy This Year

If you're like most homeowners, you've already started getting your home interior ready for winter. Typical winter preparation methods include having furnaces inspected and serviced in order to ensure optimal performance during the cold months ahead and having chimneys for wood burning appliances thoroughly cleaned in anticipation of sitting around a cheerful fire with family and friends while winter winds blow cold outside. Most homeowners also make certain the roofs of their homes are in good repair so that they don't receive any unexpected surprises in the form of leaks during times of heavy precipitation. However, some homeowners completely neglect seasonal window treatments. 

Not only will seasonal window treatments help prevent energy loss, therefore keeping utility bills in check, but they'll provide your home interior with a cozy ambiance and might even help preserve your privacy. Following are three treatments designed for keeping home comfortable while winter weather rages outside. 

Window Insulation Film

Window insulation film provides a quick and easy way to give drafty windows a good layer of protection. You can also have them tinted to provide household residents with privacy. Window film also comes in decorative patterns and prints, so you can opt for some that will add to your seasonal decor. For instance, you might choose a window film with a festive pattern depicting your favorite winter holiday, or you might, instead, opt for a nature-based design showing snowflakes or forest animals on a winter landscape. You can purchase window insulation film kits from your local home improvement retailer. 

Insulated Drapes

Insulated drapes are an elegant solution for those living in areas with serious winter weather. You'll enjoy the snug, cozy feeling these types of drapes provide, and your bank account will appreciate their energy savings capabilities. You can choose from a variety of weights and thicknesses to best accommodate your area's specific climate conditions. For instance, if seasonal temperatures in your neck of the woods routinely plunge below freezing, you should choose heavy insulated curtains with thermal backing. If you live in a milder area but still want to combat drafts during cold periods, insulated curtains made of a tight cotton weave will probably do the trick. 

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades offer an excellent solution for those who want to keep the winter cold outside where it belongs yet still desire a maximum amount of natural light in their home interior. Cellular shades are extremely insulating, and you can opt for shades designed to let the sunshine in. 

Please contact a local window treatment service, like Snyders Shades & Shutters, for more information on keeping home interiors warm this winter. 

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