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Why And How To Install Window Films

Windows lose their efficiency over the years. This can be from normal usage, manufacture defect, or just old age. There's really nothing you can do about preventing such a gene. However, you can't fight the effects of the aging process. Won the cheapest and easiest ways to make your windows more efficient is to add film to the class. This article explains the why and the how of installing window films.

Tinted and Clear Films

First of all, it is important to realize that window films aren't only used for tinting glass. Obviously, there are tinted window films that are very useful and efficient on windows that receive a lot of sunshine. However, there are also clear window films which add insulation to the glass. A clear film is great for both hot and cold climates because it reduces heat loss, whether that means heat escaping from your home during winter, or heat seeping into your home during summer.

Drawbacks of Window Film

There are a few important drawbacks of window films. First of all, films can reduce the clarity of your glass, which can obstruct your view in and out. Basically, things might look a little more blurry, especially if you install film on both sides of the glass. Tinted films are also going to block sunlight, which can make your rooms a little darker.

They Are Cheap and Easy to Install

The beauty of window films is that they are very easy to install. In fact, most films come with all of the tools you need to install them, except for a utility knife. Basically, you clean your window and then spray the provided adhesive onto the glass. At this point, you roll the film onto the glass. Then, you use the provided squeegee to press down the film, and get out all of the air bubbles. You will need a utility knife to trim away the excess film. This will easy to do if you just cut right along the window pane. Finally, use the squeegee to further press down the edges and make sure the film will not peel up.

Installing window film is easy, and the products are extremely affordable. Film kits are sold at pretty much any home improvement or supply store. It is definitely a simple way to make your windows more efficient without having to pay for any professional labor or products.

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