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Here's Why You Should Consider Swinging Patio Doors Instead Of Sliding Patio Doors

When it's time to replace the patio door in your home, one of the first decisions that you'll need to make when you visit a window and door retailer is the style of replacement doors that you'll buy. You might automatically gravitate toward sliding doors, but it's worthwhile to pause for a moment as you consider the other options. One style of door to consider is the swinging variety, which operates in the same manner as the other doors around your home that lead outside. Although perhaps not as common as sliding patio doors, there are several reasons that swinging doors should be worth thinking about.

Quieter Operation

One of the downfalls of sliding patio doors is that they're fairly noisy to operate. The screen door will often produce a grinding sound, while the glass door can release a low-pitched, rumbling sound while in use. These noises can be a concern. For example, if you have young children who are sleeping in rooms close to the patio doors — perhaps immediately above them, for example — the noise of the doors may be disruptive. If you want to use the patio at night after the kids are in bed, you may be nervous that the doors wake them up. Swinging doors, meanwhile, are very quiet as long as you keep them lubricated.

Easier For Large Objects

You may frequently find yourself taking large objects out to your patio. For example, if you have patio furniture that you don't leave outside when it's not in use, you'll often be carrying chairs and small tables in and out through the doors. Sliding patio doors give you a standard-sized opening, but if you consider replacing them with swinging doors, you can open both doors at the same time to double the opening. This will make it significantly easier to carry large objects outside.

Better For Cleaning

If you've had a sliding patio door and you're meticulous about cleaning, you've likely noticed that keeping the area around the door can be a challenge. The bottom track, for example, can collect dirt, dust, and even grass clippings and other debris from outside. As a result, this area may take a significant amount of time to clean when you're cleaning your house. Swinging doors have flat thresholds, which means that a quick pass with the vacuum or a swipe with a damp cloth can make the area spotless.

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