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3 Ideas To Create Unique Modern Railings Inside And Outside Of Your Home

Whether you are doing improvements to your home or building a home with a modern design, railings are important features. In a modern-style design, you will want something other than traditional wood banister railings. Today, you have the choice of many different materials, such as metal, cables and glass. Here are some ideas to help create unique railings that fit modern designs:

1. Uninterrupted Views with Solid Glass Panels for Railings

Solid glass is a great choice of materials to use for modern designs. The glass will need to be thicker and tempered safety glass to ensure it is durable enough to use as railing. This special glass is bolted to the structure at the bottom and extends up to act as a railing. It is a great material to use for things like outdoor decks and balconies where you want to have clear views. Inside, solid glass railings can be used to give spaces more of an open feeling.

2. Wood Framed Glass Panels for Natural Textures in Modern Design

Another option that you may want to consider is using wood framed glass panels. The same as with any other type of glass railings, this is a special type of tempered safety glass designed for this purpose. The framed glass railings can have traditional banisters and rails to combine classic and modern designs. For more modern look, tropical hardwoods work great. This is a great way to integrate railings with the materials on your home, such as hardwood siding or decking materials. It also provides the perfect solution for running wiring for outdoor lighting and electrical installations, such as outlets for outdoor decks and lighting integrated into post caps for railings.

3. Cable and Metal Railings for A Modern Railing Design 

Cable and metal railings are another great choice that you may want to consider for modern style. With cable railings, the cable can be attached to wood or steel framework. For an original look with metal railings, silhouettes can be cut out of panels to create personalized decoration for your railings. These materials can also be combined with glass railing features for a more unique custom look. You may want to check with your building authority about any requirements for these types of custom railings.

These are some ideas to help create railings that work well with modern designs. If you need railings for your project, contact a glass railing service to help. 

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