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Three Tips For Choosing The Right Blinds For Pet Owners

Window coverings can be a challenge for those who share their home with a dog or cat. Pets enjoy using windows, too, which can lead to torn drapes, bent mini blinds, or just generally soiled or damaged materials. Fortunately, it is possible to have attractive window coverings that don't impede on either you or your pet's enjoyment of the window.

#1: Go vertical

Vertical blinds can be the best choice for those with pets, simply because an animal can push the blinds aside instead of pulling and bending them (as occurs with mini blinds). These blinds hang freely from a top rail, which greatly minimizes the chances for damage. You can find vertical blinds sized for any window, from small windows to large patio sliding doors. Just like with mini blinds, you can pull them open completely or just tilt them open to let in light.

#2: Choose the right material

Material is a major concern with pets. Fabric vertical blinds can be attractive, but the fabric can also invite staining. If you really want fabric blinds, make sure you choose a stain-treated variety, so you can spot-clean them with little more than water. Darker colors or those with a pattern are also less likely to show soiling, although any fabric is more likely to attract fur. Solid vinyl vertical blinds are usually the better choice with pet owners since you can wipe them clean with a damp rag. You can find vinyl in nearly any color you desire, as well as patterns or even wood lookalikes.

#3: Opt for safety

Safety is an important consideration with any window covering. Cords and strings can pose a strangulation hazard for pets if they become wrapped around the animal's neck. Unfortunately, many animals are drawn to playing with the strings and cords that hang from blinds. Make sure the model you choose has the operation cords secured in a casing or other manner that makes them impossible for your pets to access. As a bonus, this will also prevent them from tangling, while keeping the cords more attractive. If the vertical blinds are linked along the bottom, you may also want to consider removing this cord or string. It's there to keep the blinds from swaying open, but with pets, you likely want the vertical slats to part easily, so your pet can peer out as desired.

For more help, contact a window-treatment company in your area.

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