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Creating A Cozy Feel In Your Living Space

If you would like your living room to be cozier, then there are some things you may want to change about it and additions you may want to include. By making these changes, you can turn your living room into the comfortable space you have always wanted it to be. Here are some of the changes you may want to make around your living room in order to achieve this look and feel in your home:

Put your furniture close together – Putting your furniture close together so it creates a smaller sitting area can really help create a cozy space. Even if you have a large living room, you can do this. You will just want to create a sitting area within the larger area that has your seating and tables pushed closer together.

Use throw rugs – You can use large throw rugs to help you achieve your desired look throughout your living space. While some people feel as though throw rugs are more for hard wood floors, you can use them on any type of flooring, and this includes floors that are carpeted. The color and pattern of the rugs should include some of the same colors and patterns as the rest of your décor to tie everything together.

Use the proper lighting – While you will want a good amount of lighting in your living space so you can see well, it should still be the right shade of lighting. Some lighting is a bit too bright when you're trying to create a softer and cozier feel in the room. Sometimes putting yellow shades on your lamps can help them to give off a softer light. You can also put fogged light covers on the lights to cut down on some of the brightness they put off in the room.

Use window coverings – Another thing that you can do to help get that nice, cozy feel is to make good use of window coverings, but they have to be the right ones. In a small space, light and soft coverings can help create coziness. In a larger space, you can choose to go with thicker window coverings that can really help you to make the house more comfortable. These window coverings can be opened or closed as needed when you want to let in a certain amount of light from the outside, and this is another thing that's important to control. You can visit a supplier like Shading Concepts to find the right coverings for your windows. 

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Picking Window Treatments

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