Picking Window Treatments

Benefits Of Opting For Interior Shutters As Window Treatments

Homeowners will have a number of important decisions to make when it comes to their windows. One of the most basic will involve the window treatments that are used. When considering this option, there are some important benefits that can come with choosing interior shutters over traditional blinds or drapes.

Improved Durability 

Interior shutters are often far more durable than both drapery and blinds. While drapes can be prone to ripping, they can also experience substantial color fading. Both of these particular issues are avoided as interior shutters are often made out of wood or metal. Blinds can be another popular option, but standard plastic blinds are often flimsy and fairly easy to damage or break. The wood and metal that are usually used in shutters are much thicker and stronger than these thin pieces of plastic. While these shutters will cost more, the better durability can greatly reduce the frequency that you will need to change your window treatments due to wear and tear.

Better Ability To Block Out Light

Blinds and drapes can be fairly ineffective at blocking out sunlight. This can be problematic for those that sleep during the day, and it can make it more difficult to enjoy watching television or using the computer without having to deal with an uncomfortable glare. Interior shutters are made of solid wood, metal, or thick vinyl, and this will make them far more effective at reducing the ability of sunlight to enter. Some light may be able to escape through small gaps in the shutters, and if this is problematic, you can add curtains over the shutters to completely block the light from entering.

They Are Easy To Clean

Cleaning your window treatments is an important part of maintaining your home's interior. When you fail to clean the window treatments effectively, you can find that allergy problems worsen as a result of the large amounts of dust that may collect on these treatments. Cleaning drapes can be extremely difficult due to the need to wash them. Plastic blinds may be easier to clean, but they are thin enough to be easily damaged during this work.

Interior shutters have the ease of cleaning of plastic blinds, but they are strong enough to be able to withstand this care with minimal risk of damage. Ideally, you should use a duster to clean your interior shutters at least on a monthly basis. If you have chronic breathing problems or severe allergies, you may want to wear a protective mask when doing this work as considerable amounts of dust can be disturbed.

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Benefits Of Opting For Interior Shutters As Window Treatments
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Homeowners will have a number of important decisio