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Adding A Patio Door? 3 Trends To Embrace

If you are thinking about adding a patio door to connect your indoor and outdoor space, make sure that your new patio door is on-trend. There are a few different trends that are really big right now for patio doors. Pick and embrace the trends that work the best for your life.

#1 Black Door Frames

For a while, it was all about the wood door frames, then the clean white vinyl frame. Now, it is all about the black patio door frames. Black patio doors provide an eye-catching outline for your door. They are bold and they make your patio door stand out. Black door frames look more like a picture frame, framing the great view through your patio doors.

If you want a contemporary and sophisticated look for your patio doors, go with a black door frame.

#2 Sleek Lines

Sleek lines are another trend that go hand-in-hand with black door frames. Go with a door material, such as aluminum, that will allow you to have a slim frame. A slime frame will help create clean lines. Clean lines will draw the focus more to the view that your patio doors are framing instead of to the doors themselves. Sleek, thin lines will add to the contemporary look of your new patio doors.

#3 Energy Efficient

Building materials nowadays are all about being energy efficient, and it makes sense. Being energy efficient helps your home lose less energy on a daily basis and helps keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the day. Energy efficient building materials, such as energy efficient patio doors, help save you money and benefit the environment as well as you consume less energy.

When you purchase a patio door, look for a dual glass door that has low emissivity glass coating to help keep out solar rays. You should also look for a glass that has gas-filled spaces in between the different panes of glass. An energy efficiently made patio door will provide you with a great view while also keeping your home at the right temperature.

If you want to install a patio door this year, make sure that you keep your patio door on trend. Go for a sleek, black frame that will help pop-out and frame your doors and the great view that the doors will provide to your patio and back yard. Make sure the glass you choose is as energy-efficient as possible. These are three trends that almost everyone can embrace.Contact a window company for more help.

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