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Common Signs It Is Time To Replace Your Home's Gutters

A home's gutter system is often overlooked, but in reality, the gutters play an essential role in protecting your roof, foundation, and the exterior walls of your home. Without a functioning gutter system, your roof can be at risk of leaks, mold, or damage due to exposure to excessive moisture. Additionally, your foundation could shift or crack, and the paint on exterior walls or siding can peel, chip, and bubble. Unfortunately, a gutter system does not last forever, and the time will eventually come when your home's gutters will need to be replaced. The key is to know the signs of a failing gutter system so you can replace it promptly. Some common signs that you need new gutters include:

Large Holes or Cracks

After years of being exposed to the outdoors and large amounts of water, gutters will eventually begin to wear down and develop damaged areas. The most common problems with old gutters are the development of large holes or cracks. While small cracks in one section of a gutter system can often be repaired, large cracks or multiple cracks in different areas usually means that it is time to begin shopping for new gutters. It is in your best interest to inspect your home's gutters regularly so you can identify large cracks or holes.

Seam Separation

Many traditionally gutter systems are made of multiple sections where each seam is tightly adhered to one another. When the seams begin to separate, it is usually a sign that your gutter system is on its last legs. If multiple seams have become separated, that often indicates that your gutter system is near the point of failure. When you purchase new gutters to replace your damaged gutters, you may want to consider upgrading to a seamless gutter system so you don't have to worry about this issue again several years down the road. 

Rotting Wood Trim

When gutters are functioning properly, all of the water running off the roof flows through the gutters and pours down through the downspout, which diverts the water away from the home. However, gutters that are in need of replacement may overflow or not hold the water in, meaning that the water can spill over onto areas of wood trim, such as window sills and door jams. If your gutters are no longer doing their job and need to be replaced, you may notice that the wood trim around the outside of your home begins rotting or needs more frequent maintenance due to damage. 

If you're thinking that your gutters need replacing or repairs, don't hesitate to call a company like Innovations Siding & Windows for services today.

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