Picking Window Treatments

6 Reasons to Replace Your Old Windows

No matter if you live in a small cottage or a luxury estate, maintenance is key to protecting the appeal and value of your home. From repairing leaky faucets and mowing the lawn to replacing a broken water heater, these tasks are imperative for homeowners who want to protect their real estate investment. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not place enough time and energy into maintaining their windows. Considering they affect your home's curb appeal, value, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency, learning when new windows are needed is important. Read More 

Think Outside the Box: 4 Types of Untypical Replacement Windows

If you are contemplating a home makeover or renovation, chances are you will want to replace some or all of your existing windows. If you're going for a new look that strays from the ordinary, you have several options to consider. Departing from the ordinary double hung or sliding window, there are more uncommon styles to consider, such as the picture window, stained glass window, garden window and transom window, to name a few. Read More 

Keeping Mold And Mildew Away From Your Vinyl Siding

Keeping your vinyl siding looking as pristine as the day it was installed takes plenty of work. Unfortunately, all of that hard work can be undone by mold and mildew growth. Both can leave behind greenish and brownish stains that make your vinyl siding look much older and more stressed than it actually is. Prevention is the key when it comes to dealing with mold and mildew growth. The following offers a few preventative solutions you can use to prevent mold and mildew from taking hold of your siding. Read More 

Tips For Customizing Window Glass With Frosting Or Etching

One of the best things about sliding glass doors and other large windows is the flexibility that you have to make them one-of-a-kind. Here are two different methods you can use to personalize the window glass in your home, including large windows like sliding glass doors and smaller, more traditional windows. Frosting The Glass Frosting glass can soften its appearance, making it seem more elegant and decorative. It also prevents people outside from seeing clearly inside the home without obstructing the light shining in from outside. Read More 

New Owner of an Older Home? Measuring Tips to Ensure Your Replacement Window Fit Perfectly

Purchasing an older home or one that has some repair issues is a good way to get a great deal on the price. In order to save even more money, however, new owners of older homes can learn to make many of the repairs themselves, including replacing damaged or outdated windows. If you have recently purchased an older home and would like to update one or more windows, the following guide will help you learn to measure your old windows correctly to ensure that you order the correct replacement windows for each opening. Read More 

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Picking Window Treatments

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