Picking Window Treatments

What Are Some Benefits Of A New Window Installation Project?

Do you live in an older home? If so, you might have outdated windows, and a new window installation project could benefit you in a number of ways. Perhaps you are already aware that your windows need to be replaced. For example, you might have single-paned windows and use a number of preparations such as caulking around panes to keep your home warm or cool. Today's window installation projects do not have to be complicated endeavors. Read More 

How And Why To Install Window Films

Unfortunately, windows become less efficient after years of normal usage. Even if there is nothing technically wrong with your window fixtures, they probably aren't as efficient or insulating as they were when they were first installed. You definitely need to maintain your windows to keep them as efficient as possible. You might also be able to do a few simple things to improve the insulation of your windows. This article explains how you can improve your window efficiency by adding window film. Read More 

Three Winter Window Treatments To Keep Your Home Cozy This Year

If you're like most homeowners, you've already started getting your home interior ready for winter. Typical winter preparation methods include having furnaces inspected and serviced in order to ensure optimal performance during the cold months ahead and having chimneys for wood burning appliances thoroughly cleaned in anticipation of sitting around a cheerful fire with family and friends while winter winds blow cold outside. Most homeowners also make certain the roofs of their homes are in good repair so that they don't receive any unexpected surprises in the form of leaks during times of heavy precipitation. Read More 

4 Renovation Tips That Will Help Make Your Older Home Greener

If you want to have a home that is greener and more energy efficient, there are many renovations and improvements that you may want to consider. With older homes, you may want to consider doing things like adding natural light, doing an energy audit, and improving the windows and doors to reduce energy loss. If you have an older home, here are a few energies saving renovation tips that will help make your more modern, green and energy-efficient: Read More 

2-Steps For Keeping Your Old Double-Pane Windows From Fogging Up

If you have noticed that your double-pane windows are constantly fogging up, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to reduce the amount of condensation between the two panes of glass. If so, use the following two steps to help keep your old double-pane windows from fogging up: Step 1:  Drill A Small Hole In Each Pane This first step involves drilling a small hole in each of the panes of the problem window. Read More 

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Picking Window Treatments

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